3 Myths Busted About Your Bust

In this digital age it can be hard to decipher between fact and fiction. With so much information readily at our fingertips, you can easily become misinformed and create an opinion without much standing. And when it comes to the world of plastic surgery, there are even more myths that you don’t want to fall victim of. Here are three myths associated with breast implants.

Implants Have to Be Large

breast augmentation long islandYes it’s true that the wide majority of women who decide to undergo breast enhancement surgery decide to opt for a larger implant, however, that doesn’t mean that you have to as well. In fact, a good and trusted plastic surgeon will not only listen to the breast size that you are hoping for but will ensure that your new breasts fit your frame and figure— so you don’t look like you’re about to top over.

Silicone Implants Aren’t Safe

Although this might have been true during the 80’s and 90’s, this statement is now a myth. After people were falling ill due to ruptured silicone implants, they were taken off of the plastic surgery market and then reintroduced as a safer model. Now, not only are silicone implants safe for patients but they also provide patients with a more natural looking breast appearance.

You Can’t Breastfeed With Implants

If you’ve been putting off getting breast implants until after you’re done having kids in fear that you might not be able to breastfeed, you can assure yourself that is a myth as well. In fact, getting breast implants should not have any effect on your milk ducts or your body’s ability to produce milk.

It’s easy to fall victim of Internet myths that really have no standing in real life. However, by understanding fact from fiction, you can help to make a more educated decision regarding your body and breast enhancement surgery. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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