Fillers Long Island, NY

3 Myths About Fillers

Talking to your girlfriends at lunch and reading gossip magazines are two ways to relax, but they are also two ways that can make you feel confused— especially when it comes to dermal fillers. If you have heard mixed information about dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, we have got you covered. Here are three […]

Rhinoplasty Huntington, NY

Feelin Nosey? 3 Myths About Nose Jobs Debunked

A rhinoplasty or a nose job has remained one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures to date. Just like with any surgical procedure that we perform at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we encourage our patients to do their research, which is why we like to provide you with some helpful information along the way. And […]

Eyelid Surgery Long Island, NY

Two Signs It’s Time to Consider a Blepharoplasty

When you’re young, there are few things people tell you about growing old other than you get to retire on the beach somewhere if you’re lucky, and that you’ll have gained some good wisdom along the way (or so they say). And although there are unique benefits to every stage in the aging process, there […]

Fillers Long Island, NY

How to Get Kissable Lips Before Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about spending the day with the one you love most and hopefully getting a bouquet of flowers and a kiss or two at the end of the night. Here at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we can help you get fuller, sexier lips just in time for V-day. Let’s take a closer look […]

Why Millennials Are Hopping on the Cosmetic Surgery Wagon

It used to be that as you would age, the more you would start to consider both surgical and non-invasive cosmetic and plastic surgery options— leaving you looking like you’re forty when you’re sixty-five. However, one trend that has taken over the cosmetic industry is that younger and younger patients are opting to get these […]

Sex Reassignment Surgery Huntington, NY

Sex Reassignment Surgery: A Few Things to Know

One of the surgical treatments that we offer here at our Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants office is sex reassignment surgery for both males to female and female to male. As a procedure that’s just as much about the emotional aspects as it is about the physical aspects, we have created a brief guide listing […]

A Guide on How to Talk to Your Kids About An Otoplasty

It’s never easy talking to your kids about hard issues— especially when it comes to either their health or appearance. If your child’s ears stick out a little far from their head and you are worried about them causing self-esteem issues, later on, you may want to consider an ear pinning surgery or otoplasty from […]

Anti-Aging Treatments Huntington, NY

3 Gifts to Give Your Bestie for the Holidays

Everyone has that person— you know the one— the first person you call when you get a job promotion, the last person you want to fight with, and the only person who can finish your sentences. Best friends, simply are the best. To make sure that you show your bestie how much you love and […]

Skin Care Treatments & Facials Huntington, NY

The Skin Benefits of The Great Pumpkin

Unless you’re a newborn baby, healthy skin doesn’t come easily to most people. As such, we encourage our patients at Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants to get regular skin treatments and facials to help regulate oil, soften fine lines and wrinkles, add volume to the skin, and protect it from further damage. In addition to […]