Breast Augmentation & Teens

Know The Facts About Teenagers & Breast Implants

breast augmentation long islandWhen determining if teenage breast augmentation is a viable option for teenage girls, it is important to have a firm understanding of the subject’s motive(s). Teen breast augmentation is designed for young girls with breast abnormalities to fit in with their peers while breast augmentation in mature women is often initiated to stand out.

Many teens undergo breast augmentation to improve physical aspects of their body that are flawed or may impact growth and development. In most cases, if these problems are left untouched they could affect the patient both physically and mentally throughout life.  Teens more so than any other group gain confidence and self-esteem when physical flaws or problems are corrected. Many variables, including physical development and emotional maturity must be evaluated before determining if a young woman is ready for breast augmentation.

Is Teen Breast Augmentation Safe?

The majority of  patients in their late teens-early 20s desiring breast augmentation are in good health and well-nourished. Consequently, the risks associated with the breast augmentation procedure are mitigated when compared to older women. Patients who smoke regularly should consider quitting before undergoing surgery as smoking greatly increases the risks associated with breast augmentation.

Age Restrictions

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations assert that women must be at least 18 years old to have saline breast implants and at least 22 years old to undergo breast augmentation with silicone implants.  These regulations were established because during the late teens and early 20s, women’s’ bodies continue to mature. Established physical milestones in physical maturity must be reached before considering breast augmentation. Furthermore, patients any younger than this typically lack the emotional maturity to make such a decision and do not understand the risks and limitations that come hand-in-hand with breast augmentation procedures.   The teenager must have realistic expectations about the life changes that will occur once the procedure is completed.

Younger patients considering breast augmentation will benefit from their youthful skin.  Skin loses its elasticity as we age and the more supple skin of a patient in her late teens to early 20s will help to maintain the new position of her breast implants.

Make Sure She Is Ready

If your daughter is considering any type of breast procedure, whether it’s the correction of breast asymmetry, breast reduction or breast augmentation, the most important factor is to talk about the pros and cons and risks and limitations associated with the procedure. The three criteria to question are listed below:

  • Did the teenager initiate the request?
    • Parental support and consent are fundamental, but the desire for a breast augmentation must come from the teenager herself and cannot be a decision based on a whim. The request must be repeated over a long period of time.
  • Does the teenager have realistic goals?
    • As mentioned previously in this post, the teenager must have a realistic grasp on the limitation and benefits associated with plastic surgery.
  • Does the teenager demonstrate the proper level of maturity?
    • Teens must be mature enough to handle the recovery process associated with breast augmentation.  This procedure is serious and is not intended for teens that undergo constant mood swings or who abuse drugs and or/alcohol.

Schedule A Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you and your daughter are ready to determine if she is a candidate for a breast augmentation, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Elliot Duboys has been providing the Long Island, NY area with leading cosmetic surgery for over 30 years, and will take the time to walk you or your teen through all aspects of breast augmentation.

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