BrendaWe are pleased to introduce Brenda.  Brenda, as you may know has been with Associated Plastic Surgeons for quite some time.  It seems that everyday we learn new things about our employees.

Imagine,  just yesterday, we were informed that she was a beauty queen.

Yes indeed,  she won the US Beauty Queen Pagent and was name Mary from Dungloe 1998 as US Champion.  She went to Ireland and came in 2nd in the World.

We are indeed proud of our beauty queen.  In fact, she was so taken aback by her title, that she climbed out a window to go drinking with friends  in Ireland – Imagine that – a lass from Ireland Drinking – something unheard of! Guiness – no doubt!

In any event, we love Brenda and are proud she is a member of our staff.  Way to go, despite the fact that you’re really not a red-head.   (James told me)