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How to Get Rid of The Summer Sun Damage This Fall

Now that we are clearly into fall and you have kissed the summer sun goodbye, for now, you may have some regrets regarding how much time you spent outside this summer and how much sun you exposed your skin to. Even though a lot of sunspots will fade on their own over time, there are […]

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3 Gifts to Give Your Bestie for the Holidays

Everyone has that person— you know the one— the first person you call when you get a job promotion, the last person you want to fight with, and the only person who can finish your sentences. Best friends, simply are the best. To make sure that you show your bestie how much you love and […]

3 Unique Benefits of a Mesofacial

3 Unique Benefits of a Mesofacial

Yes, it is true that getting a facial is a great way to stay calm, relaxed, and reenergized but did you know that there are also health benefits of getting a facial as well? Here at Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants, we offer our patients a unique facial called a Mesofacial. So, how does a […]


When Botox Simply Isn’t Enough

As one of the most popular things on the plastic surgery market, if not the most popular thing, Botox offers patients the temporary relief of fine lines and wrinkles that reside on their forehead and around their eyes. However, only lasting an average of 3-6 months, depending on the patient, Botox is something that will […]

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So Many Wrinkles, So Little Time

When do wrinkles appear? When you reach certain age it tends to become increasingly apparent that time will keep marching on whether you want it to or not. It’s not so much that we want to stop time as that we may like to stop the aging process and the way it shows up on […]