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Liposuction Long Island, NY

Why Spring Makes the Best Time to Get Liposuction

Having a slimmer, more toned body isn’t something that just happens overnight for most people. In fact, it usually takes months and months of hard work. With summer just a few short months away, you may already be sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine to get your bod bikini ready. If, however, it […]

How to Get a Better, Slimmer Body

Losing weight can seem like you’re on a never ending roller coaster— some days are easy to eat healthy whereas other days are a bit more difficult (can you say office donuts?). If you are trying to lose weight but just can’t seem to get rid of the excess fat around your upper arms, upper […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Liposuction Results During the Holidays

Getting rid of stubborn areas of fat around your body can help you feel like you’ve finally made it— after all of that dieting and exercise, you now have the body to prove it all. And as one of the most effective ways of removing stubborn fat, undergoing liposuction from Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants […]

liposuction long island

How to Maximize Liposuction and Minimize Visceral Fat

Liposuction  is a safe and effective procedure that can give you the shape you desire; the physique that has not been attainable with diet and exercise alone. While effective, studies indicate that liposuction needs follow-up in order to minimize the risk of visceral fat. What is Visceral Fat? Unlike the subcutaneous fatty tissue that is […]

Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

When it comes to seeking out weight loss options for you and your body, you have more than likely already heard of liposuction and have maybe even given it some consideration. As one of the most popular ways to rid your body of stubborn fats, liposuction can help you target areas all around your body. […]

Same Day Payday Loans Before & After Liposuction

How To Care For Your Body Before & After Surgery Liposuction is one of the more common cosmetic procedures performed, as it can help eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat that diet and exercise haven’t been able to fix. This method of body contouring is achieved by removing excess fat cells, through small incisions. A narrow tube […]