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How to Get Your Skin Christmas Card Ready

If screaming kids, matching outfits, and a bunch of fits are a part of your Christmas card then you are not alone. It’s safe to say that a messy Christmas card photo shoot is everyone’s normal. Even though we at Associated Plastic Surgeons may not be able to convince your kids that they need to […]

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How to Get Rid of The Summer Sun Damage This Fall

Now that we are clearly into fall and you have kissed the summer sun goodbye, for now, you may have some regrets regarding how much time you spent outside this summer and how much sun you exposed your skin to. Even though a lot of sunspots will fade on their own over time, there are […]

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Smoke Signals: How to Get Rid of Smoke Damaged Skin

When you initially hear the term “smoke damage” images of a burned down home or business may come to mind. However, did you know that your skin can also show signs of smoke damage? Patients who are current or past smokers are more likely to show premature signs of aging in areas such as the […]