Feelin Nosey? 3 Myths About Nose Jobs Debunked

Rhinoplasty Huntington, NY | Nose Surgery Long Island A rhinoplasty or a nose job has remained one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures to date. Just like with any surgical procedure that we perform at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we encourage our patients to do their research, which is why we like to provide you with some helpful information along the way. And because there are more than a few myths about rhinoplasties, we have decided to debunk a few of the most common.

Myth #1: A Deviated Septum is Code for Nose Job

One of the most common coverups for a nose job is that they got surgery to correct a deviated septum. And although a deviated septum isn’t necessarily the cause for most nose jobs, it is for some of them. During a rhinoplasty, we can not only help correct cosmetic issues, but we can help with any reconstructive issues as well.

Myth #2: You Can Have Any Nose You Want

One of the things that we tell our patients when they come in for their initial rhinoplasty consultation is to have realistic expectations. Even though you may want the same nose that Paris Hilton has, you have to remember that your bone structure and facial structure are different— which means, that you will have different results. Although we do our best every time, having realistic expectations will ensure that you leave our office feeling satisfied.

Myth #3: It’s No Big Deal

This is so true and so false. We don’t want our patients to be overly worried about this kind of surgery, but when you are in recovery, you shouldn’t take things likely. For instance, when we say you should avoid strenuous exercise for 3-4 weeks afterward, this is more than a suggestion. Strenuous exercise can slow down the healing process and could even result in an infection. So remember although the surgery itself is routine for us, you still need to take the recovery seriously.

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