How to Make Sure Your Post Operative Scars Don’t End Up Leaving You Looking Like Frankenstein

Cosmetic Surgery Huntington, NYEven though it’s fun to dress up like Frankenstein on Halloween, he’s the last person you want to resemble any other time of the year. If you are getting any kind of surgery done by Associated Plastic Surgeons and are worried about scarring, we have got you covered. Although our surgeons do their best to make incisions in places that are hidden, sometimes it’s not totally possible. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that you can make sure your post-operative scars don’t end up leaving you looking like Frankenstein.

Avoid the Sun

If you are the type of person that likes to spend a lot of time outside laying out in the sun, then this may be hard for you to face, but sun exposure can darken scars. Make sure that you avoid exposing your scars to any sort of sun exposure and if you do, make sure to cover them up with a lot of sunscreen, clothing, or a hat.

Don’t Pick

While your scars are healing, they may be a little uncomfortable and itchy. Even though you may want to pick at them and scratch them, this will only make them more visible and worse. Make sure that you avoid picking at your scars as much as possible and let them heal on their own.

Apply Vitamin E Ointment

Another thing that you can do to help lighten the appearance of your scars is to apply a vitamin E ointment or gel. Vitamin E works to lighten the skin and help reduce the appearance of scars when applied on a consistent basis. Just makes sure that if you go outside, that you put sunscreen on top of it.

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