Is It Smart to Undergo Two Surgeries At Once?

Abdominoplasty Suffolk County, NYWhen it comes to plastic surgery, you may want to have more than one procedure done. And, in certain cases, we at Associated Plastic Surgeons may be able to perform more than one surgery at once. For instance, if you want a breast reduction and an abdominoplasty, then we may be able to do both of them at the same time. But, is it smart to do two surgeries at once? What are the benefits?

Is It a Good Idea?

First things first, we would never recommend that a patient undergo two surgeries at once if it wasn’t a good idea. Our patients’ safety and success after surgery are our top priorities, so if we don’t think it will be successful, we simply won’t do it. In many instances, however, we have seen great success in patients who undergo two surgeries at one time.

What are the Benefits?

If it is possible to undergo two surgeries at one time, there are several benefits. The most appealing of which include one recovery time and one surgery.

One Recovery Time

Recovery from any sort of surgical procedure can be a little time consuming and hard on your schedule. By undergoing two surgeries at once, you will only have to worry about taking time away from your work and family schedule one time; rather than twice.

One Surgery Time

Similar to only having to undergo one recovery, one surgery means less time away from work and family. It also means only having to undergo general anesthesia once, which is a comfort for many patients.

During your initial consultation with our surgeons at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we will go over all of your surgical options to help you land on the best decision. If you are interested in undergoing two surgeries at once, we will go over all of the details. To learn more, contact our Huntington office today and call us at (631) 423-1000.

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