Kiss Your Skin Goodnight: 4 Nighttime Skin Regimens Everyone Should Do

skin care long islandPreparing your skin for bed is just like reading your kids a bedtime story. There’s thought, creativity, and patience that goes into the task. In order to enhance your skins natural beauty, it’s important to not only take care of it in the morning but at night as well. Rid your skin of the days germs and prepare it for some serious rejuvenation with these following four tips.


Whether you opt for cleansing wipes of a gentle cleanser, there is nothing better for your skin that ridding it of the dirt, makeup, and germs that it picked up during the day.

Tip- If you decide to use a cleanser, make sure you use warm water with it as well. The warm water will open up your pores, allowing you to cleanse your skin deeper.


It’s not recommended to exfoliate your skin every day. However, exfoliating before bed a couple of times a week will help to rid your face of dead skin and encourage your body to replenish itself during your sleeping hours.

Tip- When exfoliating, avoid the eyes and focus on your T-zone (your nose, forehead, and chin). Your t-zone is where most oil accumulates which causes breakouts and blemishes.


Night creams are thicker creams that are designed to provide your skin with an extra layer of moisture during its restorative hours (your sleep time.) When using a night cream, use a pea sized amount and spread it all across your face and neck.

Tip- In order to lock in moisture, add a serum under the cream. The serum will act as a base layer, providing your skin with an extra amount of protection.


Don’t forget about your eyes! Eye creams are used to help relax the tissue around your eyes and combat any puffiness that may occur during your sleep. Additionally, as one of the most sensitive parts of your body, the area around your eyes tends to get dry which can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Tip: When applying eye cream focus not only on the under parts of your eyes but on the outsides of your eyes as well. This will help to prevent against crows feet.

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