Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

When it comes to seeking out weight loss options for you and your body, you have more than likely already heard of liposuction and have maybe even given it some consideration. As one of the most popular ways to rid your body of stubborn fats, liposuction can help you target areas all around your body. Although you may have heard of liposuction, have you heard of liposculpture? By offering both procedures at our Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants office, we know that each procedure is unique and important in their own ways. Read on to learn more.


Liposuction is a fairly invasive plastic surgery procedure that involves making incisions into either your abdomen, upper thighs, or upper arms (common stubborn fat areas) in order to get rid of unwanted fat. Once the incision has been made, the surgeon will then be able to access the fat tissues and scrape them away. Once they have been scraped away, the surgeon will then use a vacuum device, called a cannula, to suction up all of the unwanted fat. Afterwards, your incision site will be stitched up and you will be ready for recovery.


liposuction long islandLiposculpture is a procedure that is very similar to liposuction but it is used to target smaller areas of the body including knees, neck, and smaller parts of the abdomen. During the liposculpture procedure, a small incision will be made into the skin and then a micro-cannula will be inserted in order to remove.

So what are the differences?

As you can see, there are many commonalities of both liposuction and liposculpture— the only differences really being that liposuction is used on larger areas of the body, whereas liposculpture is used to treat small areas of the body.

What is recovery like?

Recovery for both liposuction and liposculpture will require that you wear a compression style sleeve or device in order to hold your surgical site in place as it heals properly. Also, depending on the area of the body, you will likely have to wear some sort of drain for the first day after your surgery in order to drain your body of any excess fats or fluids.

To learn more about either liposuction or liposculpture, or to schedule an appointment, contact our Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants office today.


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