The Keller Funnel Breast Augmentation

Simplifying Silicone Breast Implant Delivery

Breast augmentationThe Keller Method is the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed each year, and is the most effective way to increase the size of a woman’s bust. The procedure itself has seen much advancement over the past decade, allowing cosmetic surgeons to provide natural looking results with minimal scarring. Dr. Elliot Duboys has implemented the revolutionary Keller Funnel Method of breast implant placement into his practice, giving his patients spectacular results.

What Is The Keller Funnel?

The Keller Funnel Method of breast augmentation surgery was introduced in 2009, and has refined and revolutionized how silicone breast implants are implanted. This next generation breast implant delivery device is gentle and allows cosmetic surgeons to quickly place silicone breast implants, leading to better results. In addition the Keller Funnel provides:

  • No-Touch Technique – the implant is delivered through a soft, sterile, one time use cone that reduces the risk of bacteria and infection
  • Low Friction – the Keller Funnel’s interior hydrophilic coating creates less friction which allows implants to easily pass through the Funnel
  • Better orientation – the Keller Funnel allows surgeons to easily visualize the optimal placement for the implant before insertion

How Does The Keller Funnel Work?

The Keller MethodSince the Keller Funnel offers a no-touch way of placing implants, Dr. Duboys will place the tip of the device over the breast incision. Once in place, the implant will gently move through the funnel and into proper position within the breast. One of the major benefits to this type of implant deliver is that there is minimal trauma caused to the breast tissue, which leads to a more comfortable and shorter recovery time.

The Keller Funnel Method requires minimal incisions, which means less long term scaring for patients. The Funnel also allows Dr. Duboys have greater control of the placement of the implant which also reduces some of the risks that can lead to scaring and capsule formation.

The Keller Funnel Breast Implant Difference

The silicone breast implants used in the Keller Funnel Method are shaped more anatomically correct in comparison to conventional breast implants, creating a less plastic and more natural look for patients. Keller Funnel implants are fuller at the bottom and thin out at the top, allowing them to lay more naturally against the chest wall. Another added benefit to a Keller Funnel breast implant is that over time they are less likely to develop wrinkles or folds.

Learn More About The Keller Funnel Method Of Breast Augmentation

Dr. Elliot Duboys has been serving the Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk County, NY area with leading cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures for over 30 years. At Associated Plastic Surgeons we are proud to have the expertise of Dr. Duboys and the ability to provide patients with the Keller Funnel Method of breast implant surgery. Please contact us at our Huntington, NY office to schedule your consultation to meet with Dr. Duboys.