Plastic Surgery – Lite

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What is plastic surgery – lite?

Recent advances have made this possible with a number of minimally invasive, minimal incision, minimal recovery plastic surgical techniques.

A Mini-Tummy Tuck will quickly tighten up a saggy abdomen, while a Minimal Incision Breast Lift will give you a more youthful silhouette.  An Eyelid Lift or Minimal-Incision Face Lift will give new life and energy to your face in a very short time.

Botox Cosmetic® and Laser Treatments can quickly smooth wrinkles and worry lines.  Every one of these procedures requires minimal incisions and minimal recovery time, with the least possible discomfort.  Devote a little time for yourself and look your best in no time at all.

Non-surgical procedures such as injectables and fillers, will also plump out wrinkles for a new, younger appearance, and can be used in conjunction with any of the other techniques to further enhance the effectiveness.

What is the different between a mini-tummy tuck and a tummy tuck?

A mini-abdominoplasty addresses the skin and muscles from the belly-button to the pubis, while a full tummy tuck addresses skin and muscle from the breasts to the pubic region. Click here to learn more about a full tummy tuck.

What is the difference between a minimal incision breast lift and a breast lift?

A minimal incision breast lift (mastopexy) involves an incision around the areola and/or a vertical incision from the areolar to the breast crease.  A full  mastopexy includes the aforementioned as well as a scar underneath the breast (breast crease)

What is the difference between a minimal incision facelift and a face lift?

The standard face lift incision starts in the temporal hair line, continues in front of the ear, curves behind the ear and ends in the hair behind the ear.  With today’s modern techniques the scar starts in the side-burn region then in front of the ear and stops half-way on the skin behind the ear.

What laser treatments are utilized during plastic surgery – lite?

All laser treatments could be utilized during plastic surgery lite from radiofrequncy skin tightening to YAG and or IPL as indicated.

What fillers and injectables are typically used during plastic surgery – lite?

We consider all treatments that are non-invasive to be plastic surgery lite.  Some people consider fillers and botox as part of a liquid face lift.  Remember, we will not be able to achieve the same results with fillers and botox as we would if we were to do surgery. Dr. Duboys will custom tailor your treatment to achieve your desired results.

When will I see my final results?

Results are seen immediately, however final results make take several weeks to months to establish the final result.

Can I have all my procedures done at once?

Certain procedures can be done at the same time – for instance limited incision face lift and eyelid surgery,  abdominoplasty and breast lift.  Be sure to ask Dr. Duboys what he recommends.

Is anesthesia used during treatment?

Anesthesia is used for all treatments except for some of the fillers and botulinium treatments.

Is there any discomfort associated with treatment?

There is discomfort with any surgery,  however Dr. Duboys will prescribe pain medications to make sure your recovery period is as comfortable as possible.  Most of the procedures such as face lift, breast lift cause minimal discomfort and you will take minimal, if any pain medication.  However when we tighten the muscles with abdominoplasty you will experience discomfort for several days.  Prescription pain medication will be prescribed to minimize any discomfort.

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