How to Protect Your Skin and Lips While At the Beach

skin care Huntington, NYIf you have a summer vacation planned to the beach, you likely have a few things you are guaranteed to pack including sunscreen, beach towels, an umbrella, and a swimsuit. And although the sun will give you that extra dose of vitamin D you were craving all winter long, it can also wreak havoc on your skin and cause sun damage. If you have either recently gotten a skin care treatment like a chemical peel or if you have just gotten lip injections, you will want to make sure you’re protected while at the beach. From wearing a lip balm to investing in a large brim hat, this article will give you a few suggestions. Read on to learn more.

Wear a Lip Balm

If you just got your lips done, you’ll want to ensure they don’t get sunburned or crack and dry out. To make sure they stay hydrated while you’re at the beach, invest in an organic lip balm that has sunscreen in it. Additionally, look for one that contains ingredients like coconut or almond oil– these will lock in the moisture.

Reapply Sunscreen

Did you know that you’re supposed to reapply sunscreen every two hours while you’re out in the sun? If you are spending a full day at the beach, that means you should be applying sunscreen around three to four times throughout the day. Sunscreen is your skin’s number one barrier against the sun. And if you recently got a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or any other skin care treatment, your skin may be extra susceptible to burning— so make sure that you don’t forget to reapply.

Invest In a Hat

For the sake of your skin, eyes, and lips, invest in a large brim hat to wear to the beach. In addition to sunscreen, a hat is an excellent way to shield your skin and lips from the sun’s harsh rays. Plus, it will make you look extra classy while laying out.

Protect your new lips and smooth skin this summer while wearing a lip balm, reapplying sunscreen, and investing in a hat. If you would like to learn more about how you can protect the skin you are in, contact Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants today and schedule an appointment!



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