Spring Training: 3 Things to Look for In a Workout Bra

Breast Augmentation, Huntington, NYWhile you may not be spring training quite as hard as The Yankees are, let’s just say that May is the perfect time to hit the gym extra hard because bikini and shorts season is almost here. If you just got new breasts from our office, however, you may not know the first thing about what to look for in a sports bra.



The biggest thing that you want to look for is a bra that has enough support in it; especially if you are running or doing something that is really high intensity. When you are trying on bras, look for ones that are meant for “high impact’ because these usually have more spandex in them which will help to keep your breasts in place. Then, when you actually try it on, remember that you want it to compress your breasts but you don’t want it to feel so tight that you feel restricted.



It used to be that you had to get a workout bra with a lot of padding, but now that you have bigger breasts, you probably don’t need quite as much padding. In fact, the only reason why you may want padding is if you’re worried about being cold in public or something; otherwise, you can leave the padding at the door and show off your new breasts.


Strap Support

Your larger breasts need a little bit more support from all angles. For instance, rather than just getting a bra that has a lot of support in the front, look for one that also has a lot of support in the back due to the straps. For instance, when you choose a thick strapped racerback bra, you know that it’s going to give you more support than one that is just spaghetti strapped.


Make sure that you take care of your new breasts when you get back into working out this spring. If you want to learn more tips and tricks, contact us at our Huntington office today and callus at (631) 423-1000.

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