Summer is Coming! Is your Skin Silky Smooth?

Laser Hair Removal long islandWith summer just around the corner, something that is on the minds of millions of people is how their skin will look in shorts and bathing suits. It is important to feel confident in your appearance, and laser hair removal can facilitate this. Patients of Associated Plastic Surgeons & Consultants may say goodbye to unwanted hair just about anywhere on the body in just a few visits. Here, we will talk about ways to maximize your treatment experience.

3 Tips for Laser Hair Removal

  1. Plan ahead.

    The time to get your hair removed permanently is now, before you start tanning. Most people think that they should avoid tanning before laser hair removal because the process won’t be as effective on darker skin. This used to be the case, but modern lasers are capable of treating a wider range of skin tones. The real issue with tanning is that the skin can become irritated much more quickly during the laser treatment process, which can last several weeks. So skip the beach, the pool, and the tanning salon until after your skin is silky smooth.

  2. Pamper your skin.

    Laser treatments are not damaging. However, the skin can be somewhat sensitive during treatment. Prior to your first session, talk with your clinician about moisturizers that can keep your skin moisturized and nourished throughout your treatment plan.

  3. Don’t pluck!

    In fact, don’t thread or wax, either. The only method of hair removal that you can practice before your laser treatments is shaving. The success of laser hair removal relies on the presence of hair in the follicles. Hair absorbs the laser light as heat, and transfers this heat to the walls of the follicle. Without hair, thermal energy has no power. Your clinician may also advise you to avoid shaving the day before or day of your laser treatment.

Your skin is noticed a lot more during the summer months, by yourself and by others. Feel great about how you look, no matter what you are wearing! Contact our Huntington, NY practice about laser hair removal.

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