Sex Reassignment Surgery

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What is Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Transgender surgery describes surgery transgender individuals undergo in the process of transitioning.

Do You Provide Hormone Treatment?

Hormone therapy is usually administered by an endocrinologist. Individuals undergoing the first stage surgeries must be on hormone therapy prior to any surgical intervention.

What Can I Expect During My Sex Reassignment Surgery?

During female -> male transitioning: The first surgery is usually removal of the breasts (TOP Surgery). The breasts will be removed and the shape of the nipple-areolar altered to more closely resemble the male configuration. There will be a scar around the nipple as well as in the natural crease of the breasts.

During male -> female transitioning:  An incision will be made and a breast implant placed. Sometimes this might require two stages depending upon the size of the implant. The second stage is the genital surgery.

How Can I Prepare for Treatment?

Prior to any treatment, you must have lived a minimum of 1 year as the opposite sex and have undergone hormone therapy. Ideally, you should be enrolled in a transgender program.

Is Hair Removal Necessary Before Treatment?

No, however male to female might want to consider laser therapy.

How Can I Help Optimize My Results?

Make sure that this is what you want to do prior to proceeding.

How many Appointments Will Sex Reassignment Surgery Require?

As many as you may need to feel comfortable to undergo the procedure.

What Complications or Risks Are Involved with Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Some common risks and complications associated with the surgery are bleeding, infection, wound breakdown, and scarring.  Additional risks and complications will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

What Is the Age Limit Required for the Procedure?

The patient should be at least 18 years of age.

How Long Is Recovery?

You may return to all normal activity 6 weeks after your procedure. Most individuals may return to work after 2 weeks with some limitations such as minimizing heavy lifting and exercising.

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