Two Signs It’s Time to Consider a Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery Long Island, NYWhen you’re young, there are few things people tell you about growing old other than you get to retire on the beach somewhere if you’re lucky, and that you’ll have gained some good wisdom along the way (or so they say). And although there are unique benefits to every stage in the aging process, there are also some things— like aging skin— that people fail to mention.

If you have started to lose collagen and elastin in virtually every part of your skin— including around your eyes— you are not alone. With an eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, we can surgically remove excess skin and fat around the eyelids to give you a more youthful looking appearance? So, how can you tell if you should consider a blepharoplasty? Let’s take a closer look.

You Look Tired All of the Time

If you’re the young parent of a newborn or if you just got a job promotion that is keeping you working into all hours of the night, you are going to be tired and look even more tired all of the time. However, if you are at a stage in your life where you can get enough sleep every night and take care of yourself, there is no reason to look tired. However, as we age, we start to store fat under and around our eyes which can make us look more tired than we are. Luckily, with a blepharoplasty, we can remove that excess fat and skin to make you look more alert and awake.

Your Eye Cream Isn’t Working

Everyone and their mom should be using an anti-aging eye cream every night before bed. Eye creams help restore moisture to the skin while simultaneously fighting fine lines and wrinkles. And although eye creams are great for the skin, they can only do so much. If you have noticed that your eye cream isn’t helping with fine lines and wrinkles and bags under your eyes anymore, then it may be time to consider getting a blepharoplasty.

Here at Associated Plastic Surgeons, we offer patients a variety of skin tightening surgeries and noninvasive procedures to help lift and tighten your skin. Ready to learn more about a blepharoplasty? Schedule your consultation today at our Huntington office: (631) 423-1000.

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