When is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

plastic surgery huntington long islandIf you have a daughter who struggles with her self-esteem and would like to undergo plastic surgery, it can be hard to take her seriously and come to terms with allowing your teenager to undergo such a drastic change. However, plastic surgery doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and in fact, it can help to change your child’s life and lift their spirits. But when is too young to get plastic surgery and how can you know when to put your foot down?

  1. Late Teens

Let’s face it, if your preteen or even fifteen year old daughter comes to you and wants a breast augmentation surgery done, you’ll likely laugh a little and change the subject. However, when it comes to your 17 or 18 year old daughter who lacks a self esteem due to their small breasts, it might be something to consider. As your daughter’s body develops more into a woman, you might want to start to consider the prospect of plastic surgery. However, make sure that you speak with an expert surgeon who can give you advice on your daughter’s growth and the possibility of their growing breast tissue affecting the implants.

  1. What Is the Real Reason?

If your daughter is known for following everything her friends do, you might want to reconsider getting her plastic surgery— especially if it’s a trend among all of her friends. However if your daughter has been insecure about her nose or breasts for several years and would like to make some changes, then it might be worth considering. Just make sure that you sit down with her and have multiple conversations over a long time frame to make sure that this is a decision that she will be happy with for a long time.

  1. Think Temporary

Teenagers like Kylie Jenner have blown up the Internet this past year by hopping on the injectable wagon.  As far as plastic surgery for teens go, if you’re uncertain about the permanence of the procedure, consider letting your daughter do something a bit more temporary like lip injections. Only lasting anywhere from 4-12 months, lip injections are a fun way to enhance your daughter’s face while not making any permanent decisions.

Plastic surgery is a touchy subject for just about anyone, but even more so for parents of teenage girls. If you and your daughter have considered letting her get plastic surgery but are still unsure if it’s the right decision, try the above information to help clear your mind.

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